Monday, February 10, 2014

Outdoor Evangelism

We partner with a local Church, from where a leader leads a group of Christians to parks, streets, beaches, etc. to engage people, they meet there, in conversation about God.  While some people will not talk, but many do engage in very interesting conversations about God. Some people have also prayed to commit their lives to God in these trips.

One thing was learnt that many people are just waiting for someone to talk to them about God. So these trips have always been meaningful and fruitful.

People ask and say a lot of interesting of things. Some say they think Bible has been changed over the time (which we refute using historical evidences). In-fact recently we got a New Testament (NT) Scholar (Dr. Mike Licona; who taught CMA-ers how to show NT Scriptures are reliable.

Some say “they believe in Science and not God”. To them we clarify that Science and God are indeed compatible!

When people ask for evidence for God, we point them to many fulfilled prophecies (only God knows the future), etc. We also pray for them so that they may experience the power of prayer! Christians also share stories of how God has miraculously changed their lives, as evidence of God!
In these trips, participants always learn and see how much difference the power of prayer makes. God is the one that open hearts of people (John 6:44). They also experience Matthew 28:20, coming alive, in which Jesus promised that He will be with His people as they go out and make disciples!

Nevertheless, Christians who go out on these trips learn SO about their own faith, especially how to communicate it, tying it with reason and logic as well This is one reason we always encourage CMA-ers to go on these outings.

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